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Blockchain powered universe

With Universe Game in active development, you have the opportunity to follow the development process and gain insight into cutting-edge blockchain features as we progress. You can even be a part of our alpha community. Make a dent in the universe. Join us now.

Ethereum Network

From a small asteroid to an entire sun system –in Universe Game you can claim your spot. Each planet is stored in the Universe Ethereum Network proofing your ownership as well as storing securely any development and improvement.

Universe Explorer

The Universe Explorer provides detailed insights about the Universe Ethereum Network. The Explorer displays real-time information from the Universe Ethereum Network for any planet and any asset in the network.

The block explorer instantly translates raw blockchain function call log data into human-legible information to give better insights to our community.

Virtual estate

Create, explore and trade in the first-ever virtual universe owned by its users. Within Universe Game, users can create, experience, and monetize digital content, as well as claim ownership of Virtual Estate.

Buy and sell Planets stocking the very best digital goods stored in the Universe Ethereum Network. Universe Game serves as a go-to place to trade and manage all on-chain assets.

Universe Game is a community-driven, persistent universe implemented as a blockchain-based gaming platform built to enable and support an open, cash-in/cash-out economy for digital assets including player created content.

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