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Universe Game is a platform and ecosystem with a trusted, open economy, allowing content creation and monetization.

Blockchain powered Game universe

Universe Game offers players different chances to earn money. The most proficient gamers will be able to generate decent income, while the most competitively successful players could possibly surpass well-paid job salaries.

“Video games and cryptocurrencies are intertwined and well suited for each other.” Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision/Blizzard

game changing

People all over the world are spending significant amounts of their time playing games, and are becoming invested into the virtual worlds and playgrounds they occupy. But, aside from fun and entertainment, these games do not offer players any real-life value or ownership.

In Universe Game, an ever-expanding universe, sci-fi lore, and dynamic gameplay provide the engagement, excitement and thrill gamers are seeking. However, it is the way these elements are implemented that offers our players a true stake of ownership in the game and their character.


Most games cash-in only and they don’t provide for true ownership of digital assets by players. Universe Game is completely different in this respect. Universe Game guarantees true ownership of in-game assets and virtual items and players can win, earn, craft and trade digital assets and items in the game.

In order to do all that, Universe Game uses Ethereum. And so, with tradable virtual items and a tradable and exchangeable cryptocurrency, players on the platform are able to grow, hold or liquidate their assets freely.

Play and Earn!

With Universe Game you can start playing, shape your strategy and increase your skills to become a pro and get real-life value out of in-game goods through the use of cryptocurrency.

Universe Game is a community-driven, persistent universe implemented as a blockchain-based gaming platform built to enable and support an open, cash-in/cash-out economy for digital assets including player created content.

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